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It’s a blank with 2 holes & 2HP wide

Almost a year ago a hole in my life got filled and it changed me. Hopefully for the better 😀
And to celebrate that event i’ll launch a new hole, but i’ve doubled up in holes and trippled in U’s

“When meme’s become physical”
A few weeks ago the launch of Matriarch B2F got some great responses and even got an article written by Mr R Vincent aka Molten Modular. He suggested a small addition to provide a way out for the cables coming from the module, because people with closed cases might need to get the cables back out. With that being said i created a small 1U module that is nothing more than a hole. But a multi functional hole!!

It’s your next level “Cable Guide”! Weave those cable up and under your modules and make excellent use of that forgotten space, the one behind your modules! Try it out and organise your workflow and improve visibility.



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