Buildup & Drop Control Unit


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Performance orientated CV modulation source that facilitates musical buildups and drops

“Buildup & Drop”

The buildup fader controls the amount of CV from 0 to 10V. The arcade button can interupt this signal when active and creates the basic/raw CV source made available through the BUD OUT signal. The ATT OUT is an attenuated version of this signal. There is an logical inversion (0…10V will be 10…0V), gain control (5V/10V), amount control and an offset available to use. The drop button has the ability to select your preferred action with “On Press”/”On Release” latching behaviour or default/bypassed.

The drop button has 4 outputs, The “On Press” and “On Release” triggers, a gate signal and inverted gate signal which indicate the time the drop is active. A CV IN input overrides the buildup signal.

“Control unit”
it’s the start of an ecosystem with many additional modules which can be daisy chained. The first separate module is will be a CV BUD. It’s contains a logical inverter, gain reduction to 5V, amount and offset control to the provide CV Source so you can dial in the amount you need for a specific module you want to modulate.

Other button colors are available (Blue, Purple, Orange, White, Black)
Arcade button is available in blue or white

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Built module, Full Kit, PCB+Panel


All Black, All White, Black/White, Blue, Orange, Purple


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